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Birthing: 2-5 young in April-June
Eyes opened: 28-32 days
Weaning (beg-end): 5-8 weeks
Active: Daytime, especially morning and evening; hibernate in winter
Diet: Grasses, weeds, garden crops
Identification: The main entrance hole to a den is 10-12" wide. Groundhogs have several entrances/exits

Q - A groundhog is eating my garden. How do I stop it?
A - Locate the groundhog’s burrow. Harassment works best if the groundhog has not been in residence long.

Q - A groundhog is growling at my pet. Why?
A - This is probably a mother defending her young or an adult defending his hibernation burrow. If the groundhog is acting unusual (circling, etc.) call the Hotline.

Q - I have found a groundhog during the winter. What should I do?
A - The groundhog has been evicted from his burrow for some reason – rising water levels, construction. He is in a very vulnerable position since he should be hibernating. If he is very sluggish, he can be wrapped in a strong towel and placed in a sturdy box or animal carrier and taken to a rehabilitator. If he is alert, call the Hotline to be referred to a rehabilitator for further directions. Assistance from someone with pre-exposure shots may be necessary.