Reports & Financials

Wildlife Rescue League is funded by public donations

Wildlife Rescue League depends primarily on appeals (45%) and individual donations (41%) and does not receive federal, state or local government funding.

2019 Revenue and Expenses


Rehabilitator supplies accounted for 37% of the League’s expenses. Support included the purchase of food, formula, incubators and warmers to keep babies warm during rehabilitation and transport, vaccines for rabies vector rehabilitators, and housing.

Rehabilitator supplies, helpline expenses and educational materials, the core of the League’s mission, reflected 51% of the total expenses, while memberships, fundraising and administrative expenses accounted for the remaining 49%.

2019 Revenues

  • Appeals $34,753 (45%)
  • Corporate and foundation Grants $7,974 (10%)
  • Individual memberships $3,175 (4%)
  • Individual general donations $32,064 (41%)

2019 Fundraisers and appeals:

Spring 2 Action, Generosity Series 5K Walk/Run, T-shirt Sale, Giant Food Community Bag Program, ACT for Alexandria Butterfly Effect, Giving Tuesday and a year-end appeal.

2019 Expenses

  • Admin $5,182 (16%)
  • Fundraising $6,835 (22%)
  • Membership $3.600 (11%)
  • Programs $16,272 (51%)

Wildlife Rescue League Annual Reports

2019 Annual Report

2018 Annual Report

See how you make a difference

When you donate $100 to Wildlife Rescue League, here is where your money goes:

$51 goes towards rehabilitator support – food, incubators, warmers, and other life-saving supplies. As well as helpline operation expenses.

$22 goes towards fundraising campaigns

$11 goes towards developing our membership programs.

$16 covers our operating costs to maintain our lines of communication.

Wildlife Rescue League - Viriginia
Wildlife Helpline 703-440-0800