Meet Lou Lou the opossum

Lou Lou is a very special girl! She came to Karen Brace, of Awesome Possumz, from another rehabilitator after she was hit by a car about eight weeks ago. Her right eye is damaged, she has very little vision in the other eye, she has a broken bottom canine tooth and… wait for it… a pouch full of little eyes-open joeys!

Karen is keeping Lou Lou well fed with a diet of mice, veggies, yogurt, fruits and seeds. The hope is that the joeys will continue to thrive in Lou Lou’s pouch, then Karen will continue to feed them until they’re old enough to be released. Due to Lou Lou’s blindness, she will not be releasable. Karen is hopeful that, when she receives other orphaned possums, Lou Lou will take them in as a surrogate.

Your donations help provide the food/formula that Karen needs to keep this little family well fed and healthy!

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