The butterfly Effect

August 2019 fundraiser

Experience The Butterfly Effect

Vice Mayor Elizabeth Bennett-Parker is bringing the Butterfly Effect, a global public art and philanthropy project, to Alexandria. Artist Tasha Wahl created the project, which features interactive butterfly murals. Through September 8, visitors will be able to take a picture with the butterfly mural, located at 924 King Street, and select a charity of their choice from a list of almost 250 local and national nonprofits to receive a donation.

The Butterfly Effect is modeled after Edward Lorenz’s “Butterfly Effect” theory that even the softest flutter of a wing can affect the molecules around it, setting off a chain reaction that amplifies into major change. It facilitates small acts of kindness, encourages generosity, and promotes creativity. It includes the Mahatma Gandhi philosophy of being the change you want to see in the world and facilitates small acts of kindness, encourages generosity, and promotes creativity.

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924 King Street, Alexandria, VA. The mural is located on the side facing Patrick Street.

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How to support WRL

When you submit your photo, $5 will be donated to WRL

Take a photo

Take your picture with the butterfly wings. Feel free to get creative!

Send your picture

Email your picture to with Wildlife Rescue League as a subject line or text it to 202-681-7594 and mention WRL in your message.

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For a chance to win an extra $500 donation

Post your photo on social media and tag @elizabethforalx, @wildliferescueleague (Facebook), @wildliferescueleagueva (Instagram). Include #inclusiveALX, #butterflyeffect and #wildliferescueleague.

* By sending us your picture, you are authorizing us to post it on social media, unless you tell us otherwise. We will not post or share your name or contact information with anyone.

** Winner will be randomly selected after 9/8. The charity with the most people selecting it will also receive an additional $500 donation.

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