Camp PAWs

July 11 – August 14, 2022


Each week WRL will provide a link to one or more free activities that teaches children and adults about nature, our environment and of course, local Wildlife! Show us how much fun you all are having by posting your family’s creations and results on your Facebook and Instagram pages. Be sure to tag WRL at #CampPaws.

But wait, our local wildlife want to join in with the summer fun too! Animals take the season to do their own activities: swimming, crafting nests, and learning to crack nuts and catch food. WRL is making sure even the injured and orphaned wildlife still have a memorable summer, and you can help! Your donations help us make sure these animals get the food, shelters, activities, and medicine they need for their summer ‘break’ before being released back into the wild. Learn more about Camp PAWs to help out wildlife.

Week 5

August 8

Animal Masks

Raccoon Mask

Woodland Animal Masks

Paper Sculpture Masks

Week 4

August 1


These links provides instructions on how to build various habitats as well as other environmental activities that you may enjoy!

Week 3

July 25

Coloring Pages

Junior level crossword puzzle

Intermediate level crossword puzzle

Other Activities

Activities for Kids and Parents Provided By Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute

Arts & Crafts

July 18

Rice Socks

Rice Socks

Instructions on how to make rice socks used by veterinarians and rehabilitators to provide warmth to wildlife.

View instructions


Knitted Bird Nest

Bird Nest Knitting tutorial from Studio Knit

Nest Patterns for Wildlife Rescues

Knitting and crocheting patterns from Bev’s Contry Cottage

Knitted or crocheted nests

Instructions for knitted or crocheted nest patterns. View pdf.

Recycled Plastic Nests

Instructions for crocheted nest pattern. View pdf.

Basket Pattern

Basket Pattern you can Knit up in a Flash from Little Yellow Wheelbarrow

Hammocks and More

Honeycomb Hammock

Sewing tutorial from The Rat Lady

Honeycomb Hammock

Sewing tutorial from The Bohemian Rat Youtube channel

Flat Hammock

Hammocks for wildlife sewing instructions. View pdf.

Common Rat Hammocks and Accessories

Many sewing tutorials and patterns from Ratpolis. View pdf.

Bat wrap

Sewing pattern from Animal Rescue Freecycle. This pattern’s size can be adjusted to make smaller ones as well. View pattern pdf.


Bingo Cards

July 11

Welcome to Wildlife Rescue League’s Camp PAWs: Promoting Appreciation of Wildlife! For our first week, we want you all to introduce yourselves to your fellow critter ‘campers’. With over 100 mammal species, 200 native types of birds, and countless other animals in Virginia, there are plenty of new friends to see. And Wildlife Bingo is a great way to meet them!

Download the Bingo Cards, then go explore your local area and spot any animals you see on your cards. Find all the animals in a row, diagonally, or across on your card if you can; but don’t stop there, play BlackOut and look for them all! Be sure to tag your animals photos, or your completed card, with #CampPaws and share your fun with us on Facebook and Instagram. Be mindful that,while some of us are on summer vacation, wildlife are always working. Respect their space and do not touch or disturb any animals for a photo; seeing them is fun enough!

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