CFC Campaign

Wildlife Rescue League CFC# 79123

Show Some Love to Virginia wildlife by giving to Wildlife Rescue League through the CFC.

Our designation number is 79123.

If you work for the federal government, you can make a donation to Wildlife Rescue League through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).
Donations received through CFC provide much needed support for the lifesaving work WRL performs regarding the rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife under our care.

Wildlife rehabilitation strives to keep ecosystems intact by protecting the species that comprise them. Today more than ever, we have the ability to completely alter the natural world. It is our responsibility to take action to undo harm that has already been done, making sure our wildlife populations are healthy. Rehabilitation is a responsible stewardship of wildlife as it supports animals affected by human activities.

By supporting Wildlife Rescue League, you give children, families and veterans in your community a chance to experience Virginia’s beautiful and diverse wildlife. You also directly help animals that have been harmed by human activities.

“My cause is animal welfare. As a Sailor, I know firsthand that serving our country isn’t always easy. Having my furry friends at home helps me get through some tough times. They are my support, companions, and comforters…

Donating through the CFC is rewarding, strengthens our values, and can make us happier! The CFC allows us to support our local communities and the welfare of others while bringing us all closer together.”



Why Donate through CFC?

Easy and Convenient

Online donations through CFC Official Website

Wildlife Rescue League CFC #79123.

Payroll Deduction

A small monthly contribution each payroll period through payroll deduction adds to a significant contribution at the end of the year.

Strengthen your community

Donating through CFC allows you to support your local community by giving others a chance to experience Virginia’s diverse wildlife.

Wildlife Rescue League - Viriginia
Wildlife Helpline 703-440-0800