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The Wildlife Rescue League welcomes and greatly appreciates your support.

Choose from the following 3 levels of annual memberships:

Individual Membership

1 year – $25

Family Membership

1 year – $35

Corporate Membership

1 year – $50

Your Support Makes a Difference

The funds raised will help support efforts of Wildlife Rehabilitators of Northern Virginia.

Tax-Exempt Donation

The Wildlife Rescue League is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your membership contribution is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Thanks for your support!

Membership Benefits

Classes and Workshops

WRL offers training in wildlife care that meets the education requirements for state licensing as a rehabilitator. Most classes are free for members.


The Rescue Report Newsletter

Bi-annual newsletter which contains informative articles on wildlife care and rehabilitators’ experiences.

Membership Meetings

Meetings are usually held two times / year. Most meetings feature guest speakers who share ideas and information about wildlife, wildlife rehabilitation and other topics related to wildlife in our community.

Are You a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator?

Virginia licensed WRL rehabilitator members may be eligible to:

  • Receive food, supplies and caging from WRL
  • Receive a free membership to WRL
  • Receive reimbursement from the Jessica Arwine Fund for Veterinary Care. (Learn more about the fund.)

All rehabilitators are requested to send their permits to WRL P.O. Box 704, Falls Church, VA, 22040 for eligibility.

For more information about membership please call (703) 391-8625, or email us at

Wildlife Rescue League - Viriginia
Wildlife Helpline 703-440-0800