Big Thank You to our generous donors!

Jan 27, 2020 | News

From Annie Hain, all the way from Talking Rock, Georgia! Annie sent us three wonderful and much needed nests for keeping baby animals and birds warm so they can be hydrated, fed and treated as needed. Our partner vets and transporters are asking for them and baby season is fast approaching! Thank you Annie!

From Barb Gallick, of Normal, Illinois. She sent us one wonderful large nest that will help when we get those large batches of baby squirrels who need to be all nestled in together! Squirrels do better, if they are orphaned and need rehabilitating to get back to the wild, by having other baby squirrels around. This nest will allow them to have just that – lots of nest mates! Thank you Barb!

We are the lucky recipients of a bounty from Judy Brown, of Sedalia, Colorado! Judy sent us a hanging 3D pouch, 2 pouches with 8 extra liners and 7 nests! Look at her amazing work! Our rehabilitators are so excited to receive these and will be asking for more, no doubt! Raccoons, possums, squirrels and other wildlife enjoy “hanging around” and the 3D pouch is sure to be a hit! Thank you Judy!

From our very own neck of the woods, Alexandria, Virginia, Ethel and Marita Elsts have donated 4 pouches with 2 extra liners and 3 bat wraps! Yes, bats sometimes need to be wrapped up to feel safe. Aren’t these items beautiful?? Our rehabilitators are going to try these out locally as they were originally made for the bats needing rehabilitation since the Australian wild fires! Thank you Ethel and Marita!

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