Ernst & Young and the Wildlife Rescue League team up on E-Y Connect Day!

Oct 14, 2019 | News

The Wildlife Rescue League was honored to be selected as one of the organizations with whom Ernst & Young employees could volunteer on EY Connect Day, October 4th, 2019. EY Connect Day is an annual event when Ernst & Young encourages all their employees across the Americas to volunteer on a single day. This year, Ernst & Young’s focus was on nonprofits geared towards animals, wildlife and sustainability.

The event was hosted by the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, one of several organizations that routinely deals with wildlife in addition to taking in all manner of domestic animals. Our thanks go to Jen Toussaint, Director and Chief Animal Control Officer for AWLA, for the use of their classroom and an awesome tour for the volunteers.

As a result of the hard work of the Ernst & Young volunteers, WRL now has over 500 DIY bird feeder kits ready for distribution at the remainder of our 2019 public events! We have enough on hand now to cover a good part of the 2020 schedule of events as well!

In addition, the volunteers were able to assemble over 200 rice socks and decorate them with unusual and creative designs! These socks are critical for our transporters who need to keep the wildlife they transport warm in order to ensure their survivability during transport to the rehabilitators.

The volunteers who participated with WRL on the 4th were also treated to a lecture by Karen Brace of Awesome Possumz who brought along Stuart, a possum who is not releasable due to a medical condition. Stuart did not disappoint as he woke up for the lecture and climbed all over Karen as she was talking, making for a very lively presentation!

We had an amazing group of volunteers who were willing to work hard and do a great job in putting our bird feeder kits and rice socks together. They brought energy and humor to the work and produced an incredible amount of supplies that will last WRL for some time. Thank you to the EY Connect Day volunteers!

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Wildlife Rescue League - Viriginia
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