In-kind donations July 2020 – Thank you for your generosity!

Jul 18, 2020 | News

Big Thank You to all our generous donors!

This month Wildlife Rescue League has received direct donations (knitted and crocheted nests, sewn masks, hammocks, pouches, cage liners and upholstery fabric) from Annette Torrey, Nicole Gauvin, Martha Bennett, Barb Gallick, Judy Brown, Annie Hain, Melissa Gray, Carole Lumsden, Nyssa Ensalaco, Carole Cheskay, Janet Porter, Ruth Fledermaus-Stallsmith, Kathy Walsh, Misty Cote (and Kim), Jennifer Mendoza-Conyers, Linda Hesnault, Annette Longwood Hairfield, July Hatch Fairley, Linda Mykeityn, Julie Sokol, Sharon Filmer, Robin Morrill, Ethel and Marita Elsts, Nancy A. Hilton, Holly Kamp Firestone, Sandy Royal, Ed & Nan Beaver.

Through Amazon Wish List we have received self-adhesive bandage/wraps, puppy food, bird seed, hand warmers, bottle warmers, nesting material, nipples, bird formula, mammal food, heating pads, bene-bac, suet, pyramid beds from Anna & Kenny O’Neal, Judith Seraf, Robert Sawyer, Diane Hopkins, Alicyn Drew, Marisol Maddox, Sara Rubida.

Wildlife Rescue League also has received fur coats from Jane Thrush, Joan O’Kane, Carol Sobkowiak.

And last but not least Fairfax Animal Shelter donated dog and cat food.

A special thank you to Ruth Fledermaus-Stallsmith for making over 100 masks for our transporters!

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