A Very Big Thank You for Making this Spring2ACTion a Success!

Apr 29, 2021 | News

Spring2Action was successful beyond our wildest dreams! Through 113 donations, we raised $10,160. We exceeded our goal of $9850 at the last minute!

Thank you to everyone who donated to WRL. The funds we received from the Spring2Action event will help us to continue our mission and to purchased food, formula, nipples, syringes, ointment, nuts, nectar and bird seed for 25 rehabilitators in the Northern Virginia area. With the first round of squirrels under our belt, we are now handling bird calls: injured adults as well as hatchlings, nestlings and fledglings. For these birds, meal worms are the next big food order!

Thank you again for all that you do to support WRL!


P.O. Box. 704, Falls Church, VA 22040

Wildlife Rescue League - Viriginia
Wildlife Helpline 703-440-0800
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