Whitehall Farm Fall Fun Days

Nov 11, 2019 | News

The Wildlife Rescue League had the honor of being guest exhibitors at the Whitehall Farm Fall Fun Days event on October 26th. This is the fifth annual Fall Fun Days, which takes place every weekend through the end of October. Featured are cows, pigs and chickens, a tractor pulled wagon ride and an inflatable bounce house. They also teach visitors about sustainable farming and sell their produce at the farm store.

Our table volunteers, Carolyn Wilder and John and Donna Joray, gave out over 70 pine cone bird feeder kits to attendees. Many thanks to Nadine Vazquez, pictured below with her dog, Gaddy, for inviting WRL to attend this event after helping her with a wildlife issue.

Learn more about Sustainable Farming at Whitehall Farm.

WRL at Whitehall Farm Fall Fun DaysWRL at Whitehall Farm Fall Fun Days


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