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Jul 17, 2018 | News

Lessons learned early on often stay with us for a lifetime, and what better lesson to take with us than that we need to respect all living creatures? Teaching this important message was just what Jane Copeland did for the children in the Save Every Animal Camp.

On July 17th, Jane visited Vienna Elementary School where she conducted an hour-long presentation for 24 children about area wildlife. Using stuffed animals as props, Jane explained to the children how to spot a wild animal in need and distinguish those from animals that do not need rescuing.

Among the examples she gave were that baby bunnies are purposefully left alone by their mothers during the day, and that even if touched, baby birds are still cared for by their parents. She urged the children that they should not attempt to move baby animals if they are in no harm and cautioned that a turtle should always be helped across the road in the direction it was originally going.

At the end of her presentation, Jane left materials for the children to make their very own pine cone bird feeders and Wildlife Rescue League’s “Does this Animal Need Help?” brochure.


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