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Release Locations for Wildlife

Wildlife Rescue League (WRL) is in need of locations that are 25+ acres to release rehabilitated wildlife. We are looking for a variety of habitats to include wooded and/or open with ponds and tall grasses. If you are interested in having an abundance of wildlife on your property, please submit this form.

    Animals Desired

    Do you want to be contacted prior to release?*

    Do you want to be present at the time of release?*

    Number of Acres*

    Describe the property. Is it flat, hilly, wooded, have a pond, have food sources*

    Is the property near a main road, secluded or in a residential area?*

    What birds and other wildlife currently exist on the property?*

    Are you willing to put food provided by WRL out for a few days while released animals acclimate?*

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