Baby Squirrels Rescue Story

Have you wondered how WRL helps orphaned wildlife? Here is one of our rescue stories.

While out walking, Jennifer came across two baby squirrels that seemed to be lost. There were lots of children around and the babies were squeaking and running up to people. She watched them for a while, hoping mom would come retrieve them. When it became dark, Jennifer took them home, put them in a box and kept them warm. The next day, she put the box back under the tree where she had first seen the babies and kept watch. After several hours, it was apparent that mom wasn’t coming back. 

Jennifer’s friend, Julia, called Wildlife Rescue League for advice. Carolyn directed her to one of WRL’s partner veterinarians so that they could be driven to an area rehabilitator. Brett, WRL’s transporter that day, picked up the squirrels and took them to Laura, a permitted squirrel apprentice. Checking in a couple of days later, the squirrels were doing fine and eating well. They will be transported to Karen, a permitted rehabilitator for further care and final release.

It really does take a village. All of these people are volunteers: the helpline volunteer, the veterinarians, the transporters and the rehabilitators and, of course, the caring public. Donations to WRL go to support the needs of the rehabilitators.

Together we can help orphaned wildlife, like the baby squirrels found by Jennifer, to get a second chance at life.

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