Volunteer Spotlight: Sara Lissabet

We are spotlight lighting long-time Wildlife Rescue League Volunteer, Sara Lissabet, who recently moved out of the country and had to retire from some of her volunteer responsibilities. Sara has always been a delight and a key member of the Wildlife Rescue League team, and we thank her for her years of hard work while wishing her the best in her new home. Hats off to Sara! She presents to us a poem she wrote outlining her dedicated years.

My Wildlife Rescue League “Story”

by Sara Lissabet

I heard about Wildlife Rescue League
from someone that I know.
With my concern for wildlife
I figured I’d give it a go.

It was a small group of advocates
that had a bit of turmoil –
Twenty eight years in operation
with volunteers few – but loyal.

But new people are always needed
to bring in fresh ideas;
So I joined the Board as Secretary
for a period of just two years.

In 2015 I ran again
to continue to volunteer;
I started editing the Rescue Report
that came out 4 times a year.

Then I added the Facebook page
and decided to get more involved
In directly helping wildlife
(In order myself to evolve)

I’m really not fond of the telephone

or talking to people live,

So I decided to do something else

Because I like to drive.

So I started taking wildlife

to rehabilitators in my car.

Some of my trips were local, but

some trips were pretty far!

Gainesville, Winchester, Marshall,
Bumpass, Manassas and more,

Annandale, Arlington, Star Tanery,

Traffic the only chore.

I photographed many of my passengers –

Turtles, birds and squirrels -

But not the regurgitating vulture –

That’s an odor to make you hurl!

One Memorial Day I took a fawn

In the back seat of my sedan!

So don’t think that you need a truck to transport -

With a 4-door car you can!

At one destination I got out of the car,

But at the back door I stopped -

for the juvenile squirrel I was transporting

was sitting on top of the box!

A valuable lesson for all who transport:

keep gloves in the trunk of your car!

For if you transport a little Houdini

you can keep him from getting too far!

But just as rewarding were the talks and the tours

With the rehabilitators at their places.

I can’t tell you how special these individuals are -

To give so much of their time and spaces.

Nora, Dinah, Barbara, Kim,

Leslie, Sandy, Liv,

Mattie, Teresa, Karen, Joy,
o much passion do they give!

Catherine, Belinda, Bonnie, Lynn,

Robin, Laura, Holly,

If I missed you – please take no offense!

‘Tis only my rhyming folly!

I don’t forget those who’ve passed

On to the woods in the sky:

Yvonne and Jeanette, Molly and Jim

With wings they surely now fly

So many more who volunteer,

Who’ve given so much time:

Caroline, Jane, Paul, the Jorays

I’m running out of rhyme!

Beloved Roger, Masha, Beth,

And don’t forget the vets -

Those who help our wildlife

In addition to our pets!

But now I must depart my home

Of over 30 years.

A time for new things, time for change,

A time to switch the gears

And so I fly, like a Canada goose

To Saint John on the Bay of Fundy

Where remotely I’ll still help WRL –

Annual Report is where you’ll find me!

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