#Wild Neighbors

Wildlife Rescue League Photo Contest

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Photo contest to celebrate our wild neighbors

Wild Neighbors is a Wildlife Rescue League photo contest that celebrates Virginia wildlife. Photography has the power to bring us closer to the magnificent and diverse world of nature. It also reminds us why wildlife rehabilitation and conservation are important – they help us preserve the natural world for future generations.

When you enter Wild Neighbors photo contest, you are not only honoring your own work, you are also contributing to promoting responsible stewardship of wildlife. Your participation helps Wildlife Rescue League to further its mission of rehabilitating sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

Who can enter

Wild Neighbors photo contest has 2 categories:

Junior and Adult Categories

Junior (0-13 years old) and Adult (14 years old and up).

Only photos of wildlife (wild undomesticated animal species) taken in Northern Virginia and surrounding areas are admissible.


The winner will be announced after July 16, 2020. The winning image will be featured in the Nutley News (Wildlife Rescue League monthly online publication), our website and social media pages.

Enter by July 15 11:59PM








How to Enter

Submit your photo to #WildNeighbors photo contest

01. Take a photo

  • Take a photo of your neighborhood wildlife (aka your Wild Neighbors)!

02. Share on social media

  • Post your photo on your Facebook or Instagram page.
  • Tag @wildliferescueleague (Facebook), @wildliferescueleagueva (Instagram) and include #wildneighbors.

03. Send us your photo

  • Email your original picture to wrl@wildliferescueleague.org with Wild Neighbors as a subject line.
  • Include your name, the category you are entering in.

* By sending us your picture, you are authorizing Wildlife Rescue League to post it on social media or our website, unless you tell us otherwise. We will not post or share your name or contact information with anyone.


Photo Contest FAQ’s

What if I don't have social media accounts?

If you don’t have Facebook or Instagram accounts, you can still participate in the photo contest! Email your photo to wrl@wildliferescueleague.org and mention that you don’t have an account. We will post your photo on our Facebook page.

What kind of photos are accepted?

Only photos of wildlife (undomesticated animal species) taken in Northern Virginia and surrounding areas are accepted. For example, squirrels, foxes, birds, opossums, beavers, herons, cormorants, etc.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate. 

How many photos can I submit?

You can submit as many photos as you wish.

Does it matter when or where my photo was taken?

You photo is eligible for submission as long it was taken anywhere in Virginia / Northern Virginia region or areas that are close by.

What information should I include with my photo submission?

Please include your name, location where the photo was taken, the type of animal that is in the photo and the category you are entering in (junior or adult).

When will the winners be announced?

We will announce the winners after July 16.

Have more questions about Wild Neighbors photo contest? Contact Us.

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