Nothing squirrelly about this scout project

Jun 24, 2020 | News

On a recent hot and humid day in June, this group of dedicated and wildlife-loving Boy (and Girl) Scouts constructed a release cage for squirrels on the property of rehabber Karen Pratzner in Manassas, VA. Coordinated and partially funded by WRL member Olivia LoBalbo (AERO) and Asst Scoutmaster Amy Oviedo, the team – lead by 18-year-old Eagle Candidate Dominic Oviedo – built the cage from scratch. They and their adult helpers employed a variety of skills to complete the project, including on-the-spot creativity to address challenges that presented during construction. Ms. Pratzner extended thanks to this fun, well-organized, and determined group of Scouts and Ms. LoBalbo for making this project a success!

Back row, left to right: RAYMOND SPILLANE, Eagle Scout; Baiju Palatty, parent; Loretta Palatty, parent; CHARLES PALATTY, Star Scout; JD SOUCHEK, Asst Scoutmaster; JOSEPH OVIEDO, Life Scout; Amy Oviedo, Assistant Scoutmaster (671B) & Scoutmaster (671G).

Front row, l to r: ISABELLA OVIEDO, Scout ; LAURA SOUCHEK, Scout; KEARSTIN SAFFORD, Scout; DOMINIC OVIEDO, Eagle Candidate; DANIEL SOUCHEK, Scout; Wayland Safford, parent and Committee & Troop Equipment Chair.

Not pictured: Matthew Schmidt, Scout leader; Ed Gray, Scoutmaster (671B); Matthew Schmidt, Asst Scoutmaster; KEVIN PALATTY, Life Scout; and NOAH & MICHAEL KAUFFMAN, Life Scouts.

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